Health Benefits of Aloe Vera
Health Benefits Of Aloe Vera Use

How To Receive Optimum Health Benefits of
Aloe Vera By Knowing Your Aloe Vera Products
And How To Use Them

Have you ever bought an aloe vera product and...
  • felt ripped-off when you didn't appear to receive the health benefits you had hoped for or were promised?
  • suffered an allergic reaction such as eg. nausea or skin irritations?
You are not alone! Quality of aloe vera products is hard to guage due to all the hype, misinformation or lack of information provided.

This site was launched in 2003 to share information on quality aloe vera products I had used, since 1992, on my family, household pets and animals on my farm. (Farming is my offline business)

When the aloe products I had used for so long were no longer available or suitable I began searching worldwide in early 2008 for a replacement. This is when it was confirmed big-time in my mind that the quality of so many aloe vera products available still left much to be desired.

My concerns and questions centered around inadequate labelling, misleading advertising, plus the quantity, potency and purity of the aloe vera content.

Often the aloe vera product would also contain parabens, colorants and other synthetic chemicals especially if it was a skin care product. My skin has been chemical free for 10 years so no matter how good the aloe is it won't go on my skin when mixed with chemicals and it certainly won't be swallowed if in liquid or capsule form.

This Site
Provides Information On...

  • how to determine the quality of aloe vera products thus saving both wasted money and lack of health benefits due to useless, ineffective products
  • aloe vera uses with regard to myself, family, pets and farm animals over 16 years
  • the 100% pure aloe vera supplement I discovered and now use

To Obtain Noticeable Health Benefits of Aloe Vera
You Need To Ask These Questions
When Searching Out Aloe Vera Products

  • Do you know exactly how much pure aloe vera is in your product? Or, are you buying expensive flavored water or powder with no guarantee of exactly what is in it?
  • Has the aloe vera plant been grown organically without pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers?
  • Has the Aloe Vera been obtained from mature 4 year old Aloe Barbadensis plants? (100% full potency is obtained only from mature plants.)
  • Has the aloe vera product been processed so as to retain 100% other words, without heat, preservatives and colorants?
Learn all you can about the quality of your aloe vera products prior to using otherwise your health benefits may be disappointing.

Have they been certified and given the Seal of Approval from the International Aloe Science Council? What's more - is the certification for the products still current?

Aloe vera products need to be re-certified annually for potency and purity but I've found many products still displaying the IASC seal unlawfully.

For more information on what to look for regarding quality of aloe in your aloe vera products check out aloe vera quality plus go here for aloe vera healing and testimonials.

In a hurry? There is an aloe vera product which meets all the above criteria plus:-
  • no bad taste
  • no water content
  • no fillers, colours, stabilizers, additives
  • yes - extra stong
  • yes - easy carry
  • yes - Discount and Freepost worldwide options
For more aloe vera information go to...

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To Your Good Health!

Aloe Vera use

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My Aloe Vera Use
Health benefits of aloe vera use on animals and family. My 16 year aloe vera experience.

Aloe Vera Quality
Why poor quality reduces health benefits of aloe vera products.
Raw materials, processing, potency and purity determine health benefits.

Boost Immune System Health
Pure potent aloe vera helps build a healthy immune system allowing the body to heal itself naturally. A simple solution to regain and retain good health.

Pet Health Care
Uses for aloe vera in pet health care. Wide range of pet health ailments respond positively to aloe vera use.

Certified Organic Skin Care
With aloe as main ingredient. Genuine certified organic skin care products will feed your skin unadulterated healthy nutrients.

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Certified Organic Skincare with aloe

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Aloe vera
Treatment for Wasp Stings
Wasps are prolific where I live. Aloe vera relieves pain and swelling. I would also use aloe on a bumble bee sting, bee stings and even a jellyfish sting!

Sunburn Treatment
Painful sunburn and blisters have been relieved with topical application of aloe vera.

Treating Bruises
I immediately apply aloe vera which relieves pain and can prevent the bruise turning black.

Cat and Dog First Aid
Aloe Vera sprays and gelly are my first line of attack in wound care management. Also helps eczema especially due to flea allergy. Treat the animal for fleas first though as eczema caused by a flea allergy is very common. More pet health information Here

Burn Treatment
Treating minor burns with aloe vera quickly relieves pain. As with wounds and abrasions the healing appears to increase compared to other treatments.

My First Aloe Vera Books

Creatures In Our Care - The Veterinary Uses of Aloe Vera written by Bill Coats R.Ph and Richard E Holland D.V.M

The Silent Healer - A Modern Study of Aloe Vera by Bill C. Coats

I've since added David Urch's book which tells how he uses Aloe Vera in veterinary practice.

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Aloe leaves
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